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Okay – so somehow I didn’t hit save publish when I did this blog over the weekend so you guys never saw it.  Can you tell things have been crazy lately.  So…instead of Wedding Wednesday’s…you will Mom’s Menu Mondays – Pickled Okra – held over.  Sorry guys!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the fresh produce.  I love the different farmers markets and fresh produce stands on the sides of the road.  I always remember this time of the year with my mom because we would put up jars of canned tomatoes, bread and butter pickles and pickled okra.

This week, I thought I would share mom’s pickled okra recipe with you.  This recipe is designed for two jars but is easy to multiply.

pickled-okraBe sure to store the jars in a cool pantry.  Once you have opened the jar, move to the refrigerator.  It should store for several months.  If you have a basement, that’s a great place to store your can goods.

Enjoy and remember, this is a perfect task to you with your children for a day of bonding.


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Fun Friday’s – A Little Summer Reading

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I can’t believe it, my Kindle is down to 30 books.  That’s unheard of for me.  Between the recommendations from Amazon, the selections from BookBub and Book Release Daily, my Kindle usually has at least 50 books on it.  I am notorious for purchasing anything that is free or .99 and then I get suckered in.  I am one of those people that hates reading a series out of order.  I generally purchase them all, start at number one and don’t stop until I get to the end.  I have even been known to hold off starting a series until all the books are out.

With that in mind, I found a great new author recently.  Her name is SJ McCoy and her books are perfect for that summer beach reading.  Her series is called – The Summer Lake Series.

sj mccoy pictures

The four books (with at least one new one on the way) start out with four main friends that grew up together – Pete, Missy, Ben and Emma in a town called Summer Lake.  With each book at least one new person is added to the group but all four friends remain constants throughout the series.

The first book – Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt tells the story of Jack and Emma.  Jack is one of Pete’s best friends and his business partner.

The second book – Work Like You Don’t Need the Money tells the story of Pete and Holly.  Holly is Emma’s best friend from the city where Holly has her own shop.

The third book – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is the story of Dan and Missy.  Dan is the brother of Jack who starts coming to town to become a mentor to Missy’s son Scot.  I think this is my favorite of the four books.

The fourth book – Fly Like You’ve Never Been Grounded is the story of Smoke and Laura.  Smoke is the pilot for Jack and Pete’s company and Laura is the cousin of Jack and Dan.

We have yet to hear about Ben’s story (which I can’t wait to read) and the next book in the lineup according to SJ McCoy’s blog is Laugh Like You’ve Never Cried.  It will be out in August and the story is about Michael – who is a friend of the original four but who was a minor character in several of the earlier books.  I have my suspicions as to who he will end up with but I’ll hold off for now.  

And if you want to check out what author SJ McCoy envisions her guys to look out, check out her facebook page.  She has them posted.

So, if you are headed to the beach, the pool or just some down time, check out SJ McCoy and her series about Summer Lake.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.


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Wedding Wednesdays – Country Style

| Wedding Wednesdays

Last Saturday I was at a restaurant that entertained a Rehearsal Dinner.  Although I don’t know whether or not a wedding planner set up the room, the first thing that I thought about was that the design was very DIY.

The table cloths were white with burlap runners:

table runnerBurlap can generally be bought in rolls at your local fabric stores or on-line.  As I was doing some investigating for this blog, I also saw some examples with the bride and grooms initials at the end or the center.  Iron on letters can be found at Michaels or you can purchase the fabric that you want and the fabric adhesive at Michaels.

The centerpieces were Mason Jars with white daisies and other wild flowers.


Mason jars can generally be found at any grocery or box store this time of year because of canning.  You can also order them on Amazon and I also found other stores when I googled.

I would also use white votives in some of the mason jars to give additional mood lighting.

The plates were solid white with clear glasses and white napkins.  As an added dimension, you could roll the napkins and tie them with twine. Or you can do menus with the wedding colors and sit them on each of the white dishes.

Now, although I didn’t see any favors, I do think that given this time of year, I would do homemade strawberry or peach jam as a gift.  You could set one at each place or put them on a side table by the door so people can pick them up on the way out.  Cute label stickers can be created for the tops as a reminder to the guests of their time.

peach jamFor those brides looking for a good DIY party, good luck and congratulations.

All pictures are from Pinterest and can be found in my Country Wedding Decorating Board.

Check back on Friday to hear about an author I just found and the four book series I just finished.  Can’t wait for the next one.




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Mom’s Menu Mondays – Marshmallow Fudge

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Everyone has their own fudge recipe, and each recipe is just a little bit different.  In tribute to some of my good friends that are chocoholics, I decided to share mom’s recipe this week.  I’d love to hear what different variations some of you have for your fudge.


Check back Wednesday for Wedding Wednesdays and don’t forget to comment below with what your different variations to this recipe are.

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Fun Fridays – Gift Tag Printables

| Fun Fridays

According to some of my friends with young children, summertime seems to be the time for children’s birthday parties and new births.  So, in honor of my friends, I thought this Friday I would treat everyone to some Free Printable Gift Tags.

gift-tagsTerms for all Printables:
You may print as many copies as you would like. You may share them with anyone you think would be interested but please do not sell them.

Coming Soon to LaurieLouisShop on Etsy:  Customized Gift Tag Stickers for Adults and Children.

Have a great Weekend and Mom’s Menu Mondays will be Marshmallow Fudge.


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Wedding Wednesday’s – Wedding Budget Worksheet

| Wedding Wednesdays

In a follow-up to an earlier blog that I did on Wedding Budgets – Did you know…I thought I would provide you with an actual Wedding Budget Worksheet.  As you probably know by now, your estimated costs don’t always match the final costs.  This spreadsheet is created with two columns.  Estimated Costs and Actual Costs.  The final line at the bottom of the spreadsheet will keep a running total to let you know whether you are below budget or above budget.  In this case, Negative numbers are a “good thing.”


For other budget ideas, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board – Wedding Wednesdays – Wedding Budgets.

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Mom’s Menu Mondays – Summer Sausage

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I was at a bridal shower last week and they served salami and cheese – one of my summer favorites.  It brought back great memories of mom making summer sausage each year and then giving them as gifts throughout the year to friends and neighbors.  Before we started doing Pumpkin Spice Muffins for people at Christmas, we would do cute baskets of summer sausage, mustard and a sleeve of crackers.


Enjoy and check back Wednesday for Wedding Wednesday’s – Wedding Budget Spreadsheet.

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Wedding Wednesdays – 2014 Fall Wedding Colors Part 2

| Wedding Wednesdays

I thought we would talk about two more of the 2014 Fall Wedding Colors today.  For this week’s blog inspiration, I paired Teal and Sangria.  When I was looking at colors to put together and inspiration board, I saw teal paired with lots of different orange colors and of course there is the Tiffany wedding but the more I looked the more I loved the Sangria pairing with it.


This wedding design is something completely different from anything I have done before. True to the brand, it does include a popular graphic design but the layout is a little bit different. I hope that you like it.

To check out my beginning inspiration board, be sure to check out my pinterest board:

And as far as corresponding items for the wedding, what better wedding gift than bottles of homemade sangria labeled with the bride and grooms wedding date. Or better yet, you can use them as your table numbers with your reception menu on the other side.







That’s all for today. Hope these examples gave you some inspiration. blog will be back on Monday with another Mom’s Menu Monday. Until then, have a great Happy 4th of July and please travel safe.

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Mom’s Menu Mondays – Peanut Butter Squares

| Mom's Menu Monday's

Hey guys – It’s the week of the 4th of July and I hope you and your family are looking forward to a great holiday.  As a follow-up to Friday’s 4th of July Freebies, I decided to share with you the recipe for Peanut Butter Squares.  Perfect for that late afternoon party. If the weather is going to be hot though, be sure to keep it cool.

Please be sure and let me know if you try these what you think.


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Fun Friday’s – 4th of July Printables

| Fun Fridays

In celebration of next Friday’s 4th of July, here are some Free 4th of July Printable downloads! Just click on the links and print/save the PDF files. These files are formatted to be printed on standard 8.5×11-inch size paper. You will need string, double-side tape and paper.  My suggestion is that you use a heavier grade paper for the banner and straw flags and a thinner paper for the water bottles.  Try to leave the water bottle labels out of the water as long as possible so they don’t run.  You may be able to find some paper at your local paper supply store that will hold up to water.


I hope you enjoy using these and remember, the 4th is only a week away so get started on your planning.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for more of Mom’s Menu Mondays.

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